Increase Your Cold Email Reply Rates


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It’s Monday morning, and you are READY! You have your messaging down...and your cold sales emails ready to go!

But by week’s end, you’re wondering where it all went wrong. Your prospects are just not replying...what do you do now?!

Is your outbound email messaging just not hitting the mark? Are your cold emails going unanswered? Or, do you not even know where to start when it comes to initiating an email dialogue with prospects?

Autoklose Product Marketing Manager Ollie Whitfield was be joined by cold email expert Jason Bay of Blissful Prospecting. They talked about one-sentence email follow-up, the importance of simple subject lines, and the REPLY method...if you don’t know what that is, you need to watch this session now!

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Jason Bay

Jason's entrepreneurial experience dates back to 2008. At 19, he ran his first six-figure business painting houses while attending school at Oregon State University. He's worked with hundreds of sales reps and personally closed millions of dollars in revenue during his career. At Blissful Prospecting, he's in charge of growing company revenue through marketing and sales efforts. In his free time, Jason also enjoys stand-up comedy, reading, traveling, hiking, and geeking out on productivity tips.

Ollie Whitfield

Ollie Whitfield

Ollie Whitfield is a Product Marketing Manager at Autoklose - a VanillaSoft company who loves writing cold emails and call scripts. In the near future, when the world returns to normal, Ollie is looking forward to returning to his favorite places - the pool table and the football pitch.